Monday, May 24, 2010

Basking in the sun

Today is a stat. holiday in Canada (Victoria Day, in fact). It's the unofficial start of summer. Gardens get planted, the campgrounds open, and BBQs get fired up.

I don't get the day off. However, I'm on the late shift, so I don't start until 11:30. That means I've spent the morning enjoying the beautiful weather. I love lying outside reading a book in the summer - although it often results in just lying outside doing nothing. It's hard to believe that last weekend I was sitting outside feeling cold.

The flower garden is done - As expected, I finished it yesterday.

Here's a picture of the rotted boards that I replaced:

Here's the less-than-perfect finished project:
Oh well, it's done, the dirt is reasonably contained, and mini-sunflower is really cute.