Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yup, boxing again

Did I mention that I moved up to level 4 in boxing?

It seems like the kind of thing I'd talk about - probably for about an hour longer than anyone was interested in listening to me talk about it.

Anyway, I started level 4 last week.

It is definitely a step up from level 3. For starters, in level 3, you do 5 of each combination on your right (dominant) side, then 5 of each combination on the left (non-dominant) side. In level 4, you do one on each side, so you're constantly switching.

Also, in level 3 most skipping is backwards. In level 4, it's half and half.

I'm glad I started level 4 now. The absolute worst time to move up a level is at the end of June, because no one moves up in the summer and thus you have to wait until September (even if you box in the summer session). I did that after level 1, and I was really, really bored in the summer session. That won't happen this year.

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