Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm starting to adjust to my new schedule.

I made it to the gym after work - although I used one of the recumbent bikes and didn't properly adjust the seat, which was a mistake.

The last two days I stopped off after work to buy supplies for Sparks. Clearly I should have made a list. Last year we made bunnies out of face cloths. This year, we gave the girls the choice of making chicks or bunnies. Most girls chose bunnies, but I have to say that the chicks were really cute.

We also had the Brownies come to visit us - including 5 girls who had been in our unit last year. It was an amazing success. All the girls were super excited and the Brownies taught our girls some games and songs.

Meanwhile, it's definitely spring - if only temporarily. I gave up my boots last week, and I'm down to a spring jacket. (Admittedly, if I were taking the bus, I'd still be in my winter jacket.)

I think I need to start going for a walk at work. Most people in my department eat lunch at their desks, but you miss the whole day that way. I should start going outside to actually see the sun.

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