Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, I finished the last sock monkey a couple of days ago. It's a different colour - blue stripes. They are all ready to go now.

We used the pinata yesterday. It was appropriately hard to break - all the girls got to hit it before it fell apart. In fact, it took a couple of hard blows from a leader to break it. We were out of time, or we would have let the girls take another shot at it.

And ... today the other company I had interviewed with checked my references and asked if I was still interested. It would be more money than the other job, and it would be permanent instead of a contract - but I'm still leaning towards the other one. (I like the people at the other one, and I really am thinking I want to get into a less technical role.) I just wish they'd finish the background check so that I actually would have something concrete. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days.

Of course, if it happens tomorrow, I won't know immediately. I'm taking the car in, and I will probably spend time in that area - it's easier than getting a ride home and then figuring out how to get back there. Typically, I go in to ITO and work on my java course, but ... I'm not sure I want to do that tomorrow. (No matter which of these two jobs I finally end up with, java is irrelevant.)

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