Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, you meant turn left?

I went to renew my health card today. Mapquest said it would take me 37 minutes to get there, so I left almost an hour in advance to allow time to get lost. It's a good thing I did. In the above picture, the wobbly green line is the route I should have taken. The wobbly red line is the route I did take. Eventually, I figured out where I went wrong and found the office.

I was still 10 minutes early. I went to the information desk, where I found out that I should have brought the renewal notice with me. I had the printout of my appointment, which told me to bring 4 forms of ID (citizenship, proof of address, name & signature, & supplemental), but did not tell me to bring the renewal notice. Since I didn't have it, I had to fill out another form there.

There was one person in front of me, so I had to wait while he finished. Shortly after my scheduled appointment time of 11, I got in. I was back in the car at 11:07.

When I got home, I looked through the job postings. After that, I called the account manager for my mortgage. It's up for renewal (well, at the end of May), and he sent me an early renewal offer. The end result? It's renewed effective next week at a lower interest rate (because rates have dropped in the last five years), and I didn't have to provide any verification of my income. Since I don't have a real income right now - I was a little concerned about how renewing my mortgage would go.

The other effect is that my payments go up by $14 + change, which I'm not thrilled about - I like having my payments be a nice round number since that makes me have to type fewer numbers when I record them in my chequing account spreadsheet. However, that's pretty trivial over all.

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