Friday, December 5, 2008

Today I made a list of things that you may not know about me.

  1. I have 4 younger sisters.
  2. two of my sisters have started thing-a-day blogs since I started. (Both are more about things they like/appreciate than things they are doing.)
  3. I moved to Ottawa after university because this is where I got a job.
  4. I went to an all-girls high school for grades 9 & 12.
  5. I've travelled to England, Ireland, the U.S., Germany, South Africa, Botswana, Italy, Tunisia, Malta, and Spain on my current passport, some of them more than once. On my previous passport, I only went on one trip - to England and France.
  6. I like baking but hate cooking. Unfortunately, cooking is a more important life skill.
  7. When I was 25, I received my Duke of Edinburgh Award from Prince Edward.
  8. I'm currently into boxing. Other classes I have previously taken as an adult include pottery, Irish dancing, belly dancing, Italian for travellers, home maintenance and repair, ballroom dancing, yoga, and cross country skiing. There are probably more.
  9. When I was 12, I broke my arm by falling off a horse (and landing on a fence). My arm was not visibly broken, and my aunt was more concerned about the fact that my ear was bleeding. (The ear never hurt, probably because my arm hurt too much.)
  10. Both my elementary school and my high school closed the year I graduated.
  11. I've done several backpacking trips and several canoe trips. Canoe trips are more enjoyable.
  12. If you give me 10 things to do, I will get 9 done. If you give me one thing to do, it will never get done.
  13. The summer before my grandmother died, I spent a couple of weeks helping her paint and shampoo the rugs. I had trouble keeping up. (She was 75, I was 22.)
  14. I'm most productive in the afternoon.
  15. Every couple of months, I have lunch with some co-workers I last worked with in 2004.
  16. I'm currently a leader with Sparks (5-6 year olds). In the past, I have been a leader for Guides (9-12 year olds) and Pathfinders (12-15 year olds).
  17. I have 2 friends in Ottawa who were part of the same high school graduating class as me. The high school we graduated from was in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  18. I'm an introvert, and I try not to make plans for Sundays so that I have the day to relax and recharge.
  19. I've always been away from home for Christmas.
  20. I've seen a dog climb a tree (and not a small dog). When I was a kid, my cousin climbed up a tree and my grandparent's dog climbed up after her.

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  1. Obviously I've known some of these things about you, but I didn't know you were an afternoon person like me. FINALLY, someone else is also an afternoon person! It seems whenever this comes up, people around me are either morning or night people - afternoon has never been a choice and they are always surprised when I say I most productive in the afternoon, like it's not even normally a consideration.