Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let them eat cake

My first new thing for today was a new thing I had been holding in reserve, as it was something I would be able to do if, for example, I was really sick & couldn't do much. I rented a movie* via my digital cable box. I rarely rent movies, but this is definitely the way to do it - I don't mind going out to get the movie, but I hate going out to return it.

The second new thing is something I saw on Krstlchik's blog about a month ago - I made cake pops. Well, technically I did not make pops - I made cake balls. (I decided I didn't care enough to buy the popsicle sticks.)

The first step is destroying the cake. My sister was traumatized by me picking up the cake and tearing it apart.

Next you add the icing, then you make balls.

After that, it's time to put them in the freezer & wait for them to solidify a bit. (This probably wasn't as necessary a step as it would be if you put the popsicle sticks into the ball.)

After they are out of the freezer, you then dip them in chocolate. (My sister did a lot of the work for this part.)

I then decorated them, and they were done.

They took a lot of chocolate, so we had to eat some plain. (It was not really a sacrifice.)

* Elf. It was funny, and better than I expected


  1. When we had our first satellite dish installed, they wanted to run a phone line to the box so we could rent movies on demand. (I'm sure they get a lot of money that way.)

    However, we didn't have a phone jack anywhere near the entertainment center, and I wasn't about to run a cord from the kitchen to the family room, so I talked them out of it. If I wanted to get a movie on demand I'd have to go to the company's Website and request it that way.

    I've never had a reason to do it.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Elf! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake pops. They're a bit time consuming (especially if you make the cupcake pops), but oh so good!

  3. I found the cake pops a bit rich, but my husband LOVED them.
    -Jen R.

  4. I love the cake pops, but like Jen said - time consuming. A co-worker tried to make them this weekend and ended up tossing them. My boss asked me if I'd make some for her Sunday School class, and I politely declined. hehe.