Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational ...

Last Tuesday (the day we caught the mouse), my mom and my niece arrived for a visit. We had a really good, surprisingly Muppet-filled week.

Tuesday night, I brought my niece to my boxing class so she could see what it was like. She fell asleep in the car.

Both ways.

Wednesday, we took it easy, although we did make a trip to IKEA. My niece B bought a mouse stuffed animal, then promptly left it on the table. I put it in a mouse trap.

Thursday was Calypso. My mom hurt her knee a month ago, so we rented a chalet so she'd have somewhere to rest out of the sun.  It was a really good day, and I got less sunburnt than last year.

Friday we again took it easy ... until Friday night, when my niece and I went to see The Muppets at Westboro beach.  It didn't start until after 9, so that was a very late night.

Naturally, that meant that we went to the Bonnechere Caves on Saturday.

In the caves

 The caves were interesting - they did a talk about fossils and how the cave was discovered, and then we got to visit the caves.  At other caves I've been to, they ask that you not touch anything, but here they encouraged us to touch the walls. 

B and her favourite auntie (Wanda)

 On Sunday, Wanda and B went for pedicures, then we all went downtwon and walked around the market.

Aren't these cool glasses?
Monday was another easy day - we went to Bayshore for an hour or two, then went to Britannia Beach until we got kicked out of the water due to thunder.

We then stopped at the grocery store, and the power went out.

Yes, we had a storm on Monday. 

While they were here, I tricked my niece into doing three Brownie badges. She doesn't mind doing the things you need to do to earn a badge, but she doesn't want to work on a badge because it's summer.

("What? This was for a badge? I can't believe I fell for that.")

I also made her cook several meals and help replace the towel bars in the downstairs bathroom. This earned me the title of her laziest auntie, because I make her do everything. (Wanda is her favourite.)

Somewhere in there, we also watched all but one episode of the Muppet Show, season 1.

It was a good visit.

Even if I'm not her favourite auntie.


  1. B did tell me tonight that you are her trickiest and laziest auntie!I think she had a good time but she was excited to see Kasey and Kasey was REALLY excited to see her and Grandma!

  2. Aw, sounds like a great visit. I laughed when you put the mouse in the mouse trap. Did you niece think it was cute, or horrifying?

  3. She thought the mouse in the mousetrap was both funny and horrifying. :)