Sunday, July 8, 2012

Going back to work for a rest

I was off work all last week.  It was a fantastic week, and I got a lot done.  Here's what I did:
  • went to see Brave
  • made popsicles for when my niece arrives (1 can frozen orange juice, one big container plain yogurt)
  • got the oil changed in the car
  • made 3 dresses - 2 for my niece, one for Wanda
  • added hooks in the back porch
  • moved a picture (with hooks) from the back porch to the bedroom
  • cleaned out the fridge (It's so clean, it makes me happy every time I look inside)
  • updated LinkedIn
  • replaced a board in the back step
  • painted the back step and boards around the lawn / flower garden
  • with Wanda, trimmed some of the trees and hedges in the front
  • visited with some old friends 
  • ate grape tomatoes fresh from the garden
  • weeded the vegetable garden
  • washed all of the old clothes that are no longer wearable and cut them up for rags
  • washed the kitchen floor
  • organized the Halloween costume
  • went to Prescott for the day 
  • went through my old cassette tape and recycled them
  • read at least 10 books (none of which are the ones I've borrowed - I need to get on that)
  • saved Princess Peach
  • made 3 pendants
  • painted my rain boots
Aren't they awesome? Sesame Street / Muppet craft books are the best.

There are still a few things on my to-do list, but I'm happy with everything I accomplished.


  1. What did you think of Brave? I've been hearing mixed reviews - some say the main storyline is never properly resolved, some say the climax is too scary for kids. Any thoughts?

    Also, what did you paint your boots with? Is it permanent?

  2. Brave is really good, but it definitely is scary. I wouldn't recommend it for small kids. (My niece is 8 and she said it was really scary, but it also involves people being mean to an animal, which she always finds really disturbing - other kids her age who aren't as sensitive in that area might be fine.)

    I used acrylic craft paint on the boots - I hope it will be permanent. :)

  3. How (or where) did you recycle your old cassette tapes?

  4. Connie, Computer Recyclers takes cassette tapes (but they do charge for recycling them - I think it's $1/pound).

  5. Yay, someone takes them! I checked online and couldn't find any place that would take them. Thanks Colette!