Monday, August 22, 2011

What to eat

I usually go grocery shopping after work on Friday. The sales start on Friday (so they're not usually sold out), plus it gives me one less reason to leave the house on Saturday.

I shop with a list, but when something's a really good deal, I'll buy it even when it's not on the list. This works well - until the cupboards and freezer are full.

Last Friday, I bought two weeks worth of milk. I don't plan to buy groceries again until the first weekend in September. Maybe even later.

It's been three days and we're out of snack-type food. Also, the potatoes that are left are rather more squishy than I'd like, and I fully expect we'll run out of cheese.

I suspect I'll be at the grocery store before the cupboards and freezer are totally empty, but it will b e a good exercise in using up some of the food on hand before it goes bad.


  1. I have been trying to do a much better job using up the food I buy before I buy more. But it's hard. I rarely waste food, but I keep adding to the supply.

  2. I'm pretty good about using most things (perishables, for example), but the dried/canned/frozen stuff is out of control. I'm curious to know whether I actually pick up less of it after this is over.