Monday, August 8, 2011


I've been having lots of fun with my niece - a trip to Montreal on the train, visiting relatives (who have a pool), the Lion King, Mario Kart, etc.

Today, though, we went to Calypso.

There had been some debate as to whether this was a good idea - after all, B has been scared of water slides for years. She's a good swimmer, she just was too scared to go down a slide. In the end, we decided to go (after extracting a promise that she wouldn't try to spend all day in the wave pool).

We got there around noon and the first place we found was the wave pool. Now, I've only been to a wave pool once before, but it was nothing like this. These waves were 2 - 3 feet high. It was easy to end up with a face full of water. (Um, not that I did.)

After a while, though, it was time to get out and try other options. We found the jungle run - a river ride where you let the current carry you along as you float on a flutter board.

Next, we checked out the slides. We agreed that the Canyon Rafting (which allowed 4-6 people to ride together on a raft) looked OK. We started climbing the stairs. We were one flight from the top when my niece started crying. It was too high and she was too scared.

We managed to talk her into the raft.

As we careened down the ride, everyone got wet - even Grandma. We got to the bottom and she wanted to go again.

We did that ride several more times (along with the wave pool and the jungle run), then I wanted to try some other slides.

My niece refused. She liked the blue slide and there was no reason to try another one.

I offered to buy ice cream. She still refused. (At one point, she told me she was cutting me out of her family tree.)

Grandma and I went down the slide (Black Hole, one that is almost totally dark), and while we did, she and Wanda went to Pirate's Aquaplay. Somehow, Wanda talked her into trying those small slides. When they got done one of them, Wanda said, "Did you like the one in the dark?" B said she did, and they were off to the Black Hole.

The first words out of her mouth when she got down was "Can we go again?"

She's not afraid of water slides anymore.

And I'm back in the family tree.


  1. I think I am a lot like your niece. Why try the next thing when this one is perfectly fine!
    I'm curious, how was the traffic getting in, and the line-ups once you were in?

  2. There were a few people in front of us getting in, but I don't think we waited longer than a minute. The lines inside weren't bad for the most part - the canyon rafting ride took maybe 10 minutes in line at most, the black hole slide was pretty much as fast as you could walk up the stairs. It got a little busier towards 4 or so, but that didn't last long.

  3. I'm also not a fan of water parks in general. But I think that has to do with their communal nature + also the insane crowds. But it's great to conquer a fear, no matter what it is!

    In an unrelated note - HELLO! I am back. I feel bad for abandoning my blog + blog readers. I'm endeavouring to change. My spellcheck tells me that endeavouring is not a word, which should tell you how out of practice I am with writing...