Sunday, April 4, 2010

I am completely exhausted. I suspect part of it is because of the time change.

What's that? The time change was weeks ago?

I wish someone had told my alarm clock that. You see, I bought my alarm clock years ago. It changes time automatically - but unfortunately, the dates on which the time changes were shifted a couple of years ago. This means my alarm clock is wrong four times a year - including this morning. Yup, it woke me up an hour early.

Other contributing factors include me being too foolish to go to bed at a reasonable hour, excessive food preparation (for no good reason - it's not like I had people over today), and the fact that I worked Friday, which made Thursday evening exhausting.

This coming week I work from 10 - 6:30. My plan is to get up and go to the gym in the morning. That should (in theory) give me a reasonable amount of time in the evening.

Also, remember the online book club I'm participating in? Our first book was Twilight. Our second book is Moby-Dick.

I need to read 10 chapters by Thursday. So far, I have read one. I'm finding it interesting, but it's harder to read than, say, a book that doesn't mention a spleen in the first paragraph. I think I'll take it to work to read during lunch. The weather has been beautiful lately, so hopefully I'll be able to sit outside in the sun and read. Wish me luck.


  1. If reading during lunch doesn't get you far enough, you might try the book on tape, which you could listen to at the gym.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm hoping it'll work out - 10 chapters is less than 60 pages. I do have problems reading more than a few pages at a time - I'm not sure whether it's the old-style English or the font - but I should be able to get it done. If I can't, though, I'll give the book on tape a try.

  3. New alarm clock in your future? My "alarm clocks" are of the canine variety and get me up the same time every day. Oh, and audio books are the best!

  4. Twilight to Moby Dick? What kind of crazy book club is this?

  5. I know! It is kind of crazy. To quote Linda, who organized it:
    "I am sort of intrigued and delighted by the fact that the readers of the blog are into supporting a book club where the first two books could be Twilight and Moby-Dick. That's what makes you guys fun to talk to."