Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This place has gone to the birds

You may recall that last year a robin built her nest above my back porch light. There were baby birds there when my niece came to visit (which was very exciting). However, a couple of weeks later there was a tragedy, which I discovered when I went outside and found dead baby birds on my back step. I dealt with it as I normally do these things - I ignored it and an hour later the dead birds were gone.

This spring, I paid close attention to make sure that there was no nest in the same place (so as to avoid last year's tragedy).

Then I went on vacation.

I thought I'd checked when I got back and there was no nest there. However, that was a week ago, and yesterday I went outside and heard an odd noise from above my head. That's right, there's a nest, with two baby birds who apparently think the door opening means they're going to get some food.

There was also a mama robin glaring at me from across the yard.

I just hope we can avoid the dead birds on the back step this year.

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