Friday, June 5, 2009

It's all Greek to me


Today we were in Mykanos. We didn’t have an excursion booked, so we got off the ship around 10:15 and took the shuttle in to town. It’s very beautiful – white houses on the hill, and small, winding roads designed to confuse pirates. These days, they mostly confuse tourists.

Yesterday and today were the first days I've spent somewhere where I can't read the signs. I don't speak Italian (much), but I know a few words, and it's close enough to French and English that I can usually figure things out. Same with Spanish. Greek uses a whole different alphabet, and I'm not used to that. Tourist places usually also have English signs, but it's different not being able to figure out what anything says.

We walked around and looked in some of the shops. After a while, we stopped for a snack and drink, as we’re trying to make more of a point of drinking enough water. We stopped at the Oasis Garden restaurant. It was beautiful – outdoor tables covered by leaves, with flowers and a palm tree in the middle. After that, we continued wandering over to see the windmills and the pelican. I didn’t realize how big pelicans are – I’ve never seen one that close before.

After we’d been in town for a couple of hours, we were ready to head back to the ship. I wanted to stop at a couple of shops we’d seen earlier, and Anita and Camille didn’t, so they headed back to the ship ahead of me. I found the shops without a problem, made my purchases, and then went back to the shuttle. I was the last one who made it on to that bus, so I rode back to the ship in the tour guide seat (beside the driver) on the bus. I got back to the ship about 5 minutes after the others.

Since it was only about 1 when I got back, we had lots of time this afternoon. We went for lunch, then I grabbed a book and went up on deck to lie in one of the lounge chairs and read. I was close to falling asleep, but didn’t quite get there. Now I’m sleepy.

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