Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catching up

(Edited to correct the location. Why do I confuse Rhodes and Corfu? They are nothing alike. Also, to add the tendering info.)

Two days ago we were in Corfu. We tendered in Corfu, which means the ship was at anchor in the sea, and we took small boats in to the pier. We took the shuttle in to town, then walked back. It was very, very hot. Corfu seemed less unique than the other Greek towns we were in, but luckily it was our last stop and we were pretty much toured out by then.

It was really hot. (Did I mention that already?) Anyway, when I got back to the ship, I went swimming. Well, not so much swimming as walking in the pool. It was very nice and refreshing.

Yesterday was our last day on the ship. We spent the day at sea, and didn't do much.

Today we had to get up early, as we left the ship at 7:15. We took an excursion to Rome, and toured the Vatican museums and St. Peter's. We spend most of our time in the museums in (or talking about) the Sistine Chapel, which I found disappointing because there are many other parts of the museums I find more impressive.

After our excursion, we got our bags from the bus (instead of taking the bus to the main train station) and walked to our hotel. It isn't far, but it was more than far enough. We spent a few minutes in the room, than walked back to St. Peter's to take a city tour.

There was some kind of demonstration going on in the middle of the city, so one tour was ending early. Another wasn't going to many stops. The third one was skipping only one stop, so we got on and rode the whole tour, then stayed on the bus until we got back to the Trevi fountain stop. We saw the fountain, then stopped and had pizza. After that, we walked to the Spanish steps, then took the subway back to the hotel.

We're now in the hotel, and have no plans to leave tonight. Tomorrow morning my sister & I have to get on the shuttle (at 9 a.m.) to go to the airport. I arrive home around 7:30 tomorrow night, so it will be another long day.

I'm definitely ready to go home, though.

(The pictures are from Corfu, Athens, Egypt, Ephasus, and Mykanos.)


  1. I've heard everyone rave about the Sistine Chapel - like how it brings tears to your eyes with its beauty and whatnot...I'm pretty familiar with it through my studies, but I'm not a big fan. But I guess it's something you just have to see.

  2. It is impressive, but you get to it by walking through the Vatican Museums, and personally, by the time I got there I wasn't that impressed. I preferred other parts of the museum (like the Raphael rooms, where I had to walk across the room to see whether I was looking at a sculpture or a painting - it was a painting).