Thursday, May 21, 2009

High & dry

A while ago, I mentioned that my basement was leaking. It hasn't gotten any worse - it only leaked twice when we had heavy rain coupled with melting snow - but twice was two too many times.

I got a couple of estimates a while ago, and today the work started.

The work consists of digging down by three windows, filling any cracks, making sure the weeping tile is doing its job, putting a waterproof membrane on the outside, filling in gravel & sand (for drainage), and installing window wells. There is probably more to it, but that's the bits I remember.

Step 1 (today) consisted of digging holes by two of the three windows. Here are some pictures.


  1. Our landlords had this done @ our previous house. It seemed to work well, although after decades of leaks and floods they couldn't rid the basement of mold.

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty confident that this will fix the problem. Hopefully I caught it early enough that mold won't be a problem.