Monday, May 18, 2009


It's the Victoria Day weekend in Canada, which is traditionally the weekend when gardeners plant their gardens.

I usually have a garden, but I haven't planted it yet, because I'm having some work done outside this week, and the garden will get in the way. Hopefully after the work is done, the basement will no longer leak.

Anyway, back to the garden.

Since I've had the garden, tomatos grow well. Cucumbers are fine, corn is OK (I know it's ready when the racoons eat it). However, that's about it.

This year, I tested the PH level of the soil. I bought a tester and followed the instructions. Basically, it consists of putting some dirt in the tester, adding the contents of a capsule, then adding water, shaking, and waiting a minute. The tester contains a sheet that lists what each colour means. My soil is slightly acidic, but nothing drastic.

I guess I still don't know what the problem is.

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  1. Each year I had a garden we added in fancy dirt and mixed it in as well as peat moss. Things grew like bananas. But I dunno if it had anything to do with that. We also diluted Miracle Grow type stuff in every watering.

    It's been so unseasonably cold in Toronto that I've noticed only a few gardeners have put their plants in the ground.