Monday, February 16, 2009

Family day

Today I celebrated Family Day. Family day is a new statuatory holiday in Ontario - basically created to give people a day off between New Year`s and Easter. It started last year, but last year I ended up working, so this is the first year I had the day off.

It`s a bit of an odd holiday in the sense that everyone has the day off except federal employees. However, they get Rememberance Day and Easter Monday off (when no one else does), so I won`t lose a lot of sleep feeling bad for them. :)

It was a great day. I basically wasted the whole day doing nothing. Since work has been so busy lately, it was time off I desperately needed.


  1. I had no idea that federal employees didn't get Family Day. How very odd - I assumed they got everything. It's a strange's nice to have a day off [well, everyday is a day off for me!]...but there are no traditions or anything...

  2. Thanks Colette for making me feel better! I didn't realize I also have Easter Monday off this year. It makes me feel a little better for having had to work yesterday, although I would rather have the time off in February.

  3. Wow! Sounds like a fun Holiday. We just get the basic holidays off here. Since Easter lands on a Sunday we have 3 floating Holidays...I took one yesterday for our wedding anniversary. I wish I had taken today off was one of those days!

  4. I'd actually been thinking about taking that day off as a banked overtime day, until it occurred to me that it actually was a holiday.

    Federal employees don't get it because it's a provincial holiday (so they'd only get it if they successfully bargined for it in their contract). I'm pretty sure a few other federally regulated industries (journalism, air travel) have it as a normal working day as well.

    And Connie, please consult your contract rather than me for your holiday plans, but I think you do get Easter monday off.

    I have to say, though, that having yesterday off was wonderful, but today was very, very painful.