Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another contest

This is the scene in my backyard. There is a long, relatively straight furrow in the snow, with rabbit tracks going out from the end.

My theory is that someone went rabbit bowling (i.e. using a rabbit as a bowling ball), and when the rabbit stopped rolling, he simply jumped away.
What is your theory? Explain how these tracks in the snow happened in the comments (before Saturday, Feb. 14). The most interesting explanation will get a prize.


  1. I think the Easter Bunny got mixed up and was out hiding Easter eggs early, but the basket was too heavy (hence the long straight drag mark behind him, covering up his footprints). He stopped halfway across your yard and started throwing eggs away (over the fence into your neighbors yard, onto your roof, etc). Once the basket was empty enough that he could carry it normally, he hopped away!

    P.S. What's the prize?

  2. It looks like a large bird of prey attacked the bunny. However, this was not any ordinary bunny - it was the soft fluffy bunny from Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail. It fought off the bird, won, and hopped away. The picture looks like it is in black and white which is why we cannot make out the blood splatter.

    Jen R.

  3. So, my theory is that two bunnies were having marital problems due to the wife's infidelity. The husband caught the wife with another male bunny and they got into a bunny fight which involved a bunch of rolling around (apparently in a straight line) which flattened the snow. The husband bunny won because he had righteous indignation on his side and he hopped off with his wife toward the house (the tracks going toward the house seem bigger) and the "other" bunny hopped toward the bushes to tend his wounds.

  4. I hate to break it to you but this is actually just a figment of your imagination. There is no snow, there is no tracks, and you did not actually see anything in your backyard. In fact, you backyard does not even exist! If your backyard does not exist, maybe you do not exist? Whoa!! I am beginning to sound like Daniel!!! WAKE UP Colette!!! You are dreaming!!!! The animals are not going to attack you....It is okay! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!