Sunday, August 3, 2008

Safari, part 3

Today was the end of my stay at the lodge.

Again, I had to get up early for the game drive. (OK, it's winter, so it wasn't that early).

Unfortunately, today we didn't see much. Elephants, warthogs, wildebeast, impalas, kudu, and some birds.

I checked out before 11 and headed back to Gaborone. Right outside the park gates were baboons.

I was in Gaborone shortly after noon, and spent the afternoon checking back in to the hotel, buying supplies, and catching up on everything I had missed while I was gone.

You will note that none of those things are new.

After having gotten back from what was essentially a vacation and back into work mode, I was pretty tired and down. At home, I go to the gym regularly. I never work on on vacation because I'm usually doing so much walking it's not an issue. However, on this trip I have been sitting most of the time, so today I did a 10 minute workout in my room. (You will note it was not in the lobby.) Anyway, I warmed up, did some shadow boxing, some kicks, some squats, some lunges, some push ups, some crunches, etc. Before I knew it, 10 minutes had passed.

For those interested, safari pictures are here.

General Botswana pictures are here.


  1. You might say that you didn't see much, but your crazy African safari is kicking the ass of all of my humble little things! I am unbelievably envious.

  2. Friday and Saturday were great, but Sunday was slow. I have no complaints, though. (I didn't get to see hippos, but really that's minor.)

    Really, though, this is all just dumb luck. When I decided to start doing a new thing a day, I didn't think I'd end up in Africa once, let alone twice in a year. (I knew about the first trip by January when I started, but I decided to start a couple of months before that.)

    Anyway, I know what it's like to have days (or weeks) where finding a new thing is a struggle. I've just been luck the last couple of weeks.