Sunday, July 23, 2017

Still out for lunch

I've been taking advantage of our somewhat-summery weather to continue exploring the lunch places near my job.

Last week, I went to Stella Luna. I had a sandwich and some bottled ice tea. They were fine, but not my favourite.

And then on Friday, I went to Thyme and Again. I had a tuna sandwich, coleslaw, and a pickle. They were somewhat bland but OK none the less.

The basement reno is almost done, so I have been busy moving stuff from point a to point b, then from point b to point c. This week everything will hopefully go back to point a.

In the meantime, I have been building furniture. I helped Wanda build herself a bookshelf bed and headboard, and this weekend I built 3 nesting beds. We will use the tallest one as a couch except when the nieces are in town.

I didn't have a plan for this, but I'd seen a picture and thought I could figure it out. It is essentially three rectangles of varying sizes, with legs on two of them. I googled the size of the mattress I wanted to use, and built the first box to fit.

The rest of this post is talking about building the bed, so feel free to skip it - I am writing it down so I remember.

The mattress was 38.5 x 74.5", so I cut a 2x6 (for the front) and 2x4 (for the back) to 77.5" (so that the inside of the box is 74.5"), and then cut the side pieces to 38.5". I drilled pocket holes with my Kreg jig on both ends of the short pieces and attached them so that I had a rectangle. Then I cut 2 2x2s to 74.5" and attached them at the bottom of the front and back (as a resting place for the slats). The front is a 2x6, so it is a little taller than the 2x4 on the back - this is to hide the mattress when the beds are nested.

I then screwed wheels into the corners of the box, and cut slats to 38".

Bed #1 was done.

For Bed #2, I repeated the process, except that the front, back, and 2x2s were all 6 inches longer, When I was done, I cut 7.5" legs for each corner and attached them with pocket holes and then added the wheels.

Bed #3 was 6 inches longer again. I put the 2x2s higher on this one (because I didn't want the 2x6 to hit my legs when I am using it as a couch). This time, the legs could go on the outside since it doesn't nest inside anything else. I cut 4 pieces of 2x4 at 30 inches each, put a mark on each board 16 inches from the bottom and added pocket holes at the top. I then attached a 38" 2x3 (because I ran out of 2x4s) across the top of 2 of the legs to make an upside down U. I lined up the mark on each board with the bottom of the rectangle and screwed the legs on.

And here is the final product. All that's left is staining it.

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