Thursday, December 31, 2015


My uncle passed away in Calgary the day before I left for Christmas. It wasn't unexpected - he had been in hospice for over a month.

A day later, I flew to Regina for the most hectic Christmas ever.

I arrived Saturday morning. That day there was a birthday part of another uncle, so I got to see lots of family and bowl a couple of terrible games.  (The almost 2-year-old beat me, for the record).

Sunday was more time with family, and then we left for Calgary. We stopped in Medicine Hat (3 provinces & timezones in 3 days!) for the night and ended up arriving around 11:30 on Monday.

Monday night I got to see a couple of cousins and an aunt I rarely see, and then at the funeral on Tuesday I saw a lot more relatives. We drove back to Regina that night.

Wednesday morning I took my niece shopping for her mom's present, as is our tradition, and Wednesday night I made her go to Star Wars. (She liked it, even though she did not want to go.)

Thursday, of course, was Christmas Eve.

My cousin had us all over on Boxing Day, and then I went to see some friends of the family.

The 27th was the first relaxing day of the trip - we went to my niece's ringette game and then watched movies and played games. Naturally, I left at the crack of dawn on the 28th.

I am very much looking forward to doing nothing this weekend, starting with my annual tradition of falling asleep on the couch at 10 tonight.

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