Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The saga continues

Remember the table saga? 

After I got the desk together, I realized that the black futon from the other bedroom would look good in that room. It made sense, too - the newly painted room is bigger than the other room.

Except ... my mom is bringing my nieces and my cousin's two girls this summer. It makes sense to put the three girls in the bigger bedroom. But if I moved the futon, there would be no bed in the smaller room. I'm fine with the girls sleeping on air mattresses, but is didn't think my mom would appreciate it.

Ok, move the futon, and get another bed for the small room.

But before I could put a new bed in that room, I had to paint.


I spent a couple of nights painting, and then I went back to IKEA. I came home with a day bed. Wanda and I spent a couple of days putting it together.

Next I had to figure out the windows. When I painted the smaller bedroom, I took down some white blinds. They could go back up, so I started hanging the brackets.

One broke.

Did you know Home Depot sells extra brackets? Neither did they, but they helped me find them, anyway. I came home and hung the blinds, then decided to make roman blinds to go over them. I found these instructions: http://jenduncan.typepad.com/whats_new/2008/11/roman-blind-tutorial-in-20-pictures-or-less.html.

I went out and bought fabric, and wood, and the rings for the back, but the fabric wasn't wide enough, so I decided to make a scalloped edge - something like this: http://www.coletterie.com/tutorials-tips-tricks/tutorial-scalloped-hem.

On Sunday, I started making the first set of blinds. At 6:30, I realized I didn't buy eyelet screws. Naturally, this was the day before the holiday.

Tonight I stopped on the way home to buy them, and I finished the first blind.

I can't decide if I like the soft look or if I want more structure on the next one.


  1. It never ends, does it? We are going through something similar at our house as we finish the basement - as we clear out each room to move things downstairs, now we want to paint it and redecorate...then the next one...then the next one!

  2. You are so talented. Painting, furniture building, sewing. Can you come spend your vacation with me? The room looks really good. I never would have thought of making my own roman shade. Yours is very pretty.

    1. Thanks! I tend to assume I can do anything, until I'm halfway through the project and it's too late to back out. But these blinds were actually very simple.

  3. How did you mount them? The instructions only say how for inside mount blinds but yours are outside the frame. I want to do this in my kitchen and spare room. MG

    1. I made them 6" wider than the window and used L-shaped brackets to mount them.