Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rag quilt

About a year and a half ago, my Pathfinders made pajamas.  There were some leftover flannel scraps, and I also made pajamas for a bunch of people that Christmas, so I had enough flannel that I needed to do something with it - but nothing big, because the pieces I had weren't big enough to do much with.

I decided to make a rag quilt.

First, I cut squares of flannel.  I also cut squares of polar fleece, because I had lots of scraps of that left from various projects.  I put one piece of fleece between two  pieces of flannel and sewed intersecting diagonal lines across the square. I kept the flannel the same on both sides for ease of assembly later.

I then assembled the squares into blocks of 4 squares.

Squares and blocks

I then cut the seams down, and assembled the blocks into rows. I had 6 rows of 5 blocks each.

I sewed the 6 rows together. Cue more seam trimming.

Quilt before binding

I couldn't leave the edge like that, but there was no way on earth I was going to trim it. My hand is bruised enough as it is. I decided to bind the edges.

A YouTube tutorial later, the binding was done. Here's the finished product from both sides.

Seam side down
Seam side up
Not bad for a bunch of fabric scraps.


  1. Interesting - I have never seen a quilt like this before. Because it's flannel and fleece, you can just leave the seams open at the back like that? How thin can you trim them down? This looks actually doable for a beginner - cool.

  2. Yes, the seams stay open. You're supposed to trim to 1/4 inch, but I definitely wasn't consistent. The cutting is hard and my hand was sore.

    You can also use multiple layers of flannel instead of the fleece - that might make the cutting easier. 2 layers of fleece would also work, I bet.

  3. Great quilt. Love both sides, but the seam side up really appeals. It looks all wavy.