Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas by the numbers

(If you're under 12, stop reading now. Come back after Christmas.)

Trips to Fabricland: 4. Well, maybe 5. Or 6. I should check my credit card bill.  Too many, is the point. Especially since the whole goal of the sewing overload was to use up fabric. Sigh.
Number of sewing projects:  4 pairs pajama pants (+ 6 with Pathfinders); 1 pair fleece overalls; 3 nightgowns; 1 fleece vest; 1 fleece sweater; 6 [redacted]; 3 [redacted]
Trips to Chapters: 4. Also too many.
Number of books purchased: 2 + 7 + 10 + 1 = 20
Number of books for me: 0
Number of books purchased that I'd like to read if I ever had time: 4
Cookies baked: 8 dozen, all one kind, this afternoon
Chocolates made: Too many to count. Well, that's not strictly true - too many to count without walking into the kitchen.
Number of days of work left: 3
Belly dance shows this week: 1
Pathfinder meetings remaining this year: 1
Number of families sponsored in the last 3 days: 1 (with work colleagues)
Available time available to shop for said family before Tuesday: Um.
Number of trips to Lee Valley: 1. I forgot one thing but will have to live without it.
Number of Christmas cards sent: 0 (So far, check back tomorrow. Assuming I have time to buy stamps.)


  1. Oh, I hear you about the Fabricland. Every time I start a project and I think, oh, I have some perfect leftover fabric in the basement, so it'll be easy!! - I wind up at Fabricland three more times looking for the perfect accessories. That store is a BLACK HOLE.

    1. I've actually wondered what it would take to get banned, just so I couldn't go in there again.