Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I've said while playing Super Mario Galaxy

At some point (last weekend? two weeks ago?), I started playing Super Mario Galaxy.  It's taken up more of my time than I'd like to admit. That's not why I skipped Blog Out loud last night - I had my last boxing class before summer, and if I'd gone to BOLO instead, my elbow, knee, and ankle wouldn't hurt today, so as you can see, boxing was the obvious choice.

(As an aside, two people in my department at work have required unexpected medical attention so far this week, so when my knee started bothering me last night, I thought "If I have to call in and say I'm going to miss work to go get my knee looked at, my manager is going to have a heart attack."  I fully expect her to bring rolls of bubble wrap in on Monday.)

Wanda laughs at me if she happens to be upstairs while I'm playing.  First of all, I tend to plunge to my death.  A lot. Secondly, some of the things I say are apparently weird if taken out of context.  Things like:
  • Stop falling and don't get eaten by bugs. Words to live by.
  • There's no "almost" in bees.
  • Why can't I ... crap.
  • Stupid Mario. I don't know why they call you super.
  • No! I hit the button! I HIT THE BUTTON!!!
It's all worth it, of course.  If I get another 16 stars, the space station will start flying again and we can go rescue Princess Peach (who is kind of a dolt - she sends the same letter over and over again, and she really should get off her butt and rescue herself instead of waiting for Mario, who is probably plunging to his death somewhere).

Totally a good use of my summer.


  1. We have this game but it doesn't see a lot of play because it's just so frustrating. I hate the fact that you have to start over from the very beginning each time you've used up your lives. As a result I don't think we have ever gotten past level 3. It's a game for the more skilled among us - like you!

  2. I'm not sure the word you're looking for is "skilled" - it's more that I'm stubborn enough to want to finish it.

    I like that it lets you save every time you get a star, and if you collect 50 star bits, you get another life, so that helps.

  3. Oh Colette, the issues you have. You make me laugh! I think Wanda should take a video of you playing so the rest of us can enjoy the experience.