Sunday, May 15, 2011

I got a pedicure on Friday night. My toes are purple and sparkly. Not that you can see them - it rained all day yesterday and, according to the forecast, it rained all day today.

Of course, according to the world outside my window, it hasn't rained today at all, but the hourly forecast of rain every hour was enough to make me dry my clothes inside and put off planting the garden.

I did get the garden dug, but it perpetually seemed like if I went to the store to buy tomato plants, it would be raining by the time I got home.

In retrospect, that was not true.

On the bright side, yesterday's day of rain did wonders for the dandelions. They are out in full force.

The forecast for this week involves lots more rain. Hopefully, we'll get a little sun somewhere in there. It's time to break out the sandals.

1 comment:

  1. The dandelion situation is depressing me. I can easily spend three hours weeding the lawn on one day, only to have twice as many pop up the next. Sigh.

    Your toes sound delightful! Hope you get to show them off soon.