Monday, September 6, 2010

My Newspaper Problems

I've had the Ottawa Citizen delivered for years.

I've had the odd problem (paper delivered when it shouldn't have been, paper not delivered when it should have been, newspaper carrier walking across the lawn and knocking snow onto the walk) but for the most part, those problems have been easily resolved.

Lately, though, I'm having a different kind of problem.

You see, the paper is being delivered, I'm just not reading it - at least not until I have a formidable stack of 3 or 4 papers to read.

Part of the problem is that I read news online. That is mostly national/international news, though - there's not much specific to Ottawa. If I want to know what's going on in Ottawa, one of my major sources is the Ottawa paper.

Well, it would be, if I read the Ottawa paper.

I'm not sure what the solution is. Do I make more of an effort to seek out Ottawa news online and cancel the newspaper? Do I make more of an effort to read the paper every day?

I'm not sure, but I'd better figure it out, because this is a little ridiculous.


  1. Either the Ottawa Citizen or the CBC (but I think it was the citizen) used to have a feature on their website where you could have a summary of the day's news emailed to you in PDF format each afternoon. It was about four or five pages of the top news stories - I think it was called something like "drive home news." It was everything I needed to know and I could skip through it in 15 minutes. Plus, it was totally free. I'm not sure why anyone would get the real paper!

    I'd still be getting it, but between kids and blogs I couldn't keep up with even that. Sounds like it could work for you, though.

  2. That's a great suggestion. I'll have to look for something like that.