Monday, May 22, 2017


There has been some flooding in the city. My area is safe, but I've watched the waters rise and fall from the bus on the way to work.

Last week, the dinosaurs and I took a trip to a park along the river to see how bad the flooding was there, a week after the waters peaked.

Note the trees in the water.
You can see how high the water got by the trail of debris.
There are also a lot of trees deposited by the river.

This is a picnic area. There should be no water in this picture at all.

Yesterday, we went to Thousand Islands National Park. I've lived here for 20+ years, but have never made it to the park. Pretty much all of the campsites are on islands, and that always seemed logistically difficult, so I just never made plans to go. But, since the national parks are free this year, I decided this year would be the one. The plan was to hike some of the trails on the mainland, so we packed up and got there around 11. The trails were closed due to flooding.

We went to the information centre and talked with a couple of people there. They filled us in on the camping situation, and routed us to another, open trail. It was nice to be out in the woods.

The concensus is that these are wild grapevines and not some horrible tree creature come to devour us all.

As you can see, there has been some flooding here as well.

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