Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gremlins in the computer

When I got to work this morning, my computer had rebooted. When I logged in, my mouse didn't work. This is normal - I have to unplug my mouse after I log in and then plug it back in before it works. I moved one of my monitors and fiddled with the plug until it worked. I then moved the monitor back and prepared to get to work.

Except the monitor I moved was completely black. I fiddled with the plug and finally realized I'd hit the power button while moving it. I turned it in and opened my email.

My password didn't work. I tried a few times before realizing that my email domain was wrong. I fixed it and logged in.

Before doing too much, I decided to open a ticket with the help desk for my mouse problem. I opened the ticket and then locked my screen to go get some water.

When I got back, my password didn't work. I tried it a few times, checked to make sure caps lock wasn't on, and tried again. It still didn't work.

I went over to talk to someone in IT, who pointed out that my keyboard had probably changed from multi-lingual to another language. I did the control- shift thing that switches keyboard mapping schemes and logged in.

I had an email from IT about my mouse problem suggesting that I plug the mouse into the laptop instead of the docking station. I decided to do it immediately, so I unplugged the mouse.

The mouse cord was tangled with the other computer cords, but I managed to get it untangled. I sat down again, plugged the mouse in, and realized my computer was dead.

After more investigation, I realized that the power cord for my laptop docking station had come unplugged while I was untangling the mouse cord.  I plugged it back in and rebooted the computer.

My mouse didn't work. I unplugged it and plugged it in again.

I opened my email. My password didn't work because the domain had switched again. I fixed that and logged int.

An hour after I got to work, I was ready to actually work. Naturally, I had to go to a meeting.

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