Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Level 6!

On Friday, my boxing coach told me I was advancing to level six after ... years at level 5.

I find this hilarious, because this is how this session has gone:
Week 1 - normal week, but I haven't boxed since June, so I'm a little rusty.
Week 2 - Head coach isn't there (he's only there every second week).
Week 3 - I missed this week, since I had the flu
Week 4 - recovering from the flu. This is the class where I hurt my hand. (Well, it was the class or grocery shopping. Either way, I had it taped up for a week.) Head coach is off.
Week 5 - my hand has been taped all week, plus my Pathfinders are at camp and I'm joining them after class, so my head isn't really in the game.
Week 6 - Head coach is subbing. I have a cold and am having issues breathing.
Week 7 - Guess what? I'm going to level 6!

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