Sunday, June 7, 2015

Secret door

I painted the living room when I did because I was waiting for a back ordered set of hinges.

The closet in my front hall had a folding door, as many closets do. The door was always open, and it tended to get scuffed because it was always open, so I decided to remove it and replace it with a secret door.

I started by removing the door. I measured the opening and bought 1x6s.

The I realized that I had to remove at least the ... door edge inside the frame. Basically, the boards that covered the pink paint.

Next I drilled holes In the tile to place the bottom hinge, and made the basic door frame. (Drilling through tile takes forever, by the way.)

Once I had the frame the right size, I built the cabinet. (This took a while.) I then painted the frame. I ended up removing the rest of the previous trim as well, which required more repainting.

Then I attached the rest of the frame. This also took several adjustments.

I added trim and realized the hinges needed to be adjusted again, so I took it all apart and moved them to the front of the cabinet. 

Finally, it was done. I touched everything up and attached the latch (which requires a magnetic key to open).
Weeks later, it was finally done.


  1. First let me say, this looks like a ton of work, and my hat is off to you - you rock the home project! But second let me say: I don't really get what I am seeing here. You replaced the door - with a thicker door that you can also hang things inside? How do you open the inner compartment? I'm confused.

    1. Yes, it's a thicker door. There are hooks on the door for some coats.

      There's also a hidden, magnetic latch. When it's opened, the door swings open so I can access the closet itself.