Sunday, September 21, 2014


When I was sick in July, I joined Pinterest. (I couldn't do anything, so I figured I might as well spend time looking at things I couldn't do.)

It's a great place for ideas on how to repurpose things you no longer need, or to find recipes, or even for quotes and pictures.

And it has it's share of silly people - for example, the person who built a frame to cover her thermostat. There are several things wrong with that. The first one is that the average thermostat is out of the way and doesn't need to be covered.

The second thing is that by covering it, you're making it harder for it to measure the temperature I. The room, which is its whole reason for existing. Silly, silly people.


  1. Most of Pinterest drives me crazy. Picturing stuff that looks a lot better in a picture than in reality. I've tried a few of the recipes only to find that they are usually pretty darn terrible. I started Pinterest to collect pictures for a book I was writing. The pictures helped with the room descriptions. Now I've got quite a few boards and just keep adding to them. It's kind of addicting. But, I seldom make anything I see on Pinterest.

    1. I've found some good recipes, but some are ... Not good. But I tend to use recipes and patterns as ideas, rather than things I must follow exactly.