Friday, July 5, 2013

Update on the mouse saga

On Wednesday, Wanda went out to mow the lawn. I'd warned her about the yogurt container, and this conversation occurred after she'd mowed the lawn.

Wanda: The yogurt container is empty.
Me: Oh, you checked?
Wanda: It was on it's side.
Me: I put it on its side. I was trying to reunite the babies with their mother, not preserve them for future use.
Wanda: Well, it's empty. I checked.

I assume the mouse family is living happily ever after. Hopefully not in the lawn mower.


  1. I also choose to believe in the happy ending. Whew!

  2. Well....I have a hunch the babies were a midnight snack for some cat. But that's ok. It's the circle of life thing. I can handle that whereas I would be having a sobbing fit if you actually mowed up the mice into your grass bag. Funny how I am.