Sunday, October 7, 2012


I pulled out my garden this weekend.  I picked the cabbage and (2) potatoes yesterday. There were 2 large cabbages and 1 small one, and the fridge is pretty full of Thanksgiving stuff. I fit one of the large cabbages into the fridge but was concerned about whether the second one would be OK overnight.

And then I realized I picked it from outside, which was not refrigerated.

(Today I made part of the second one into coleslaw & put the rest in the raw veggies container that's always in the fridge.)

Today was the harder part - not physically harder, emotionally harder. I had to kill perfectly healthy tomatoes.

Here's a picture of the last one I pulled out. It's a grape tomato plant.  The first tomato was ripe in June, which is a month earlier than usual.  The spiral that's supporting it is about 5 feet tall (a little shorter when it's in the ground), and the top of the plant snapped and bent over because it was about a foot taller than the stake.

Yes, that's a full size outdoor garbage can
 I also had to pull out a huge volunteer tomato plant that (since it wasn't supported) was as wide as one of the raised garden beds.

And the only cucumber plant that grew, that produced its first flower a couple of weeks ago. (No cucumbers, just the one flower.)

From the one grape tomato plant, I got 1/2 a gallon of grape tomatoes - and that's with eating a few a day since June.
And, in convenient timing, tonight it's supposed to freeze.


  1. We did this too this weekend, and it was so sad to pull out and compost perfectly good tomatoes. I kept what I could (two giant tupperware containers full) but had to let at least that many go again. I looked into freezing them but apparently they will go mushy, and I prefer them in salads. So looks like it'll be tomato salad every day this week!

  2. My tomatoes all froze last Thursday or Friday so when I pulled them out, I discovered all the tomatoes I had missed before the frost - quite a few as it turns out! But I still got quite a few jars of tomatoes and have been eating them every day for a few weeks now.