Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Which Gravity Asserts Itself

Last Friday, I bought groceries.

I'm ... kind of lazy, actually, so it's my habit to carry in as much as possible at once so that I can make fewer trips. When you add that to the fact that I buy groceries on the way home from work - and thus I also have my laptop bag and my gym bag - I'm carrying a lot of weight.

The walk in front of my house ends in two steps down to the driveway. Since it was the beginning of March and I live in Ottawa, the walk was icy. In particular, walk was covered in 3 inches of ice, and the bottom step wasn't so much a step as it was a slide. Most of the ice was well-sanded, but that ramp of ice leading to the bottom step wasn't.

I picked up the groceries and my bags and stepped onto the ice.

I slid back down.

I tried again.

Same result.

I tried a different angle.

This time I got two steps onto the ice, which just made it more comical when I slid back down.

Finally, I gave up and walked across the lawn in snow that was deeper than my boots. (You didn't think I was going to put down some groceries, did you? Please see "too lazy to make many trips" above.)

That was six days ago.

Today, the ice is gone and large portions of the lawn are snow-free.

Spring is here.

Of course, I've said that before.


  1. Instead of calling yourself lazy, you could think of your exertion as your exercise for the day :-)

  2. I could, but I'm OK with my level of laziness. :)