Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas To-Do List

  • Decorate tree ✔
  • Last Spark meeting of 2011 ✔
  • Buy gifts ✔
  • Last boxing class of 2011 ✔
  • Make gifts for coworkers ✔
  • Plan Boxing Day laser tag ✔
  • Prepare appropriate food & attend potlucks ✔
  • Make chocolates ✔
  • Arrange for coverage at work ✔
  • Get that cold that's been hovering since October ✔



  1. Christmas is still five days away...hopefully enough time to get that cold on the road :-)

  2. Are these things you've done, or yet to do? I still have a list a mile long, too, and I never leave things this late - and now I'm also fighting the worst head cold ever. Let us curl up on the couch together in solidarity!

  3. Sounds like you had it all ready and organized. Hope it was merry!

  4. Thanks, all. Yes, Christmas was very nice. I got everything important done - if it wasn't done, it wasn't important, by definition. My cold ended up not being too bad - does that mean it's not over? It's a mystery. :)