Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Timeline of a Bike Ride

4:45 I know, instead of going to the gym, I'll go for a bike ride
5:00 Sitting on the couch checking twitter
5:10 Clean dust of bike helmet
5:11 Locate appropriate footwear (well, sports sandals, not really appropriate footwear)
5:12 Wrangle bike from the basement to the backyard
5:14 Pump up front tire
5:15 Fill water bottle; place on bike
5:15 Put on bike helmet; notice it is far too tight
5:16 Deduce helmet problem is caused by ponytail; change to low ponytail
5:17 Notice front tire is flat. Crap.
5:17 Take off bike helmet, grab keys
5:25 Purchase new tire tube
5:26 Stupid traffic
5:38 Take of front tire; pull out old tube
5:38 Read size of old tire tube; note it is 2 inches bigger than the newly-purchased tire
5:43 Back at Canadian Tire
5:45 Correct size tire located; waiting in line at customer service
5:55 Tire successfully exchanged
5:58 Traffic successfully avoided
6:05 Tube replaced
6:05 Notice part of mechanism that attaches the tire to the bike is missing in the lawn
6:06 Found! Attach tire to bike
6:07 Put on bike helmet
6:07 Get on bike
6:12 Adjust seat
6:15 Hmm, the seat is slipping
6:15 Ignore moving seat
6:23 Why is everything uphill?
6:40 Home at last
6:41 How does this bike fit into the shed again?
6:42 Hey, I didn't have any water! *inadvertantly pulls the entire lid off and spills it*


  1. Too funny!! Kind of reminds me of the Scaredy Squirrel books :) KG

  2. It looks like your exercise today took far longer than it would if you'd just gone to the gym, but now you're ready next time you want to ride the bike...

  3. Ha! Serves you right for trying to get healthy and everything. :) The universe apparently does not support biking.

  4. Note to yourself, get bike tuned-up next year, thus saving time and aggravation.

  5. All that in only two hours? I would have given up at "pump up front tire," and never ever would have gotten to "purchase new tire tube" let alone all the rest.

  6. It's amazing how motivated I can be when I don't want to give in and go to the gym ....