Sunday, August 9, 2009

Piecing it together

I know a couple of people who are pregnant, so this weekend I made two baby quilts.

I've done this before, but it has been a few years. It didn't take as long as I remember (possibly because I was motivated to get it done this weekend).

I'm not a perfectionist, so the resulting quilts are not perfect, but that's fine - they're intended to be used on a daily basis - to set on the floor for the baby to lie on, to cover up when reading a story, or whatever.

The unusual part of this project was that I didn't buy anything - not even thread. Everything I used was something I already had.

I'm happy with how they turned out. I would have liked to put a border of blue around the second quilt (to match the inner blue between the squares) but I didn't have enough blue, so that didn't happen.


  1. Those look great! The second one is my favorite

  2. They look excellent Colette.

  3. Fantastic - I'm envious of your talent. What is on the green [not the border green] of the first one pictured? I really like the optical effect of the first one.

  4. Thanks! I'm happy with both of them, although when I look at them I can see the flaws.

    Sydney, the green on the first one has little sand buckets, shovels, and stars on it. It's actually the same as the green on the second one (the small squares in the corner).

    Personally, I prefer the first one - I think it's because I really like the subtle pattern on the yellow border.

    The first quilt also is using a pattern I've used twice, which is unusual. Usually I make up different patterns for each one. That pattern is actually stolen from a quilt that was hanging on the wall in the hospital room when my sister was giving birth to my niece.